Who we are

Living Blocks is one of Egypt’s first fully integrated gardening and landscape solutions companies, offering an extensive innovative portfolio of services including living walls and green roofing systems.


What makes Living Blocks unique is our experience and our deep understanding of  the fact that development of innovative gardening is a step into the future, that is why we dedicate our time and full resources to assure that every single finished project is unique and special and is perfectly suited for the location and owners requirements.


Our Services

Living Walls

Living Walls is the natural evolution of landscape, it smartly utilizes mute spaces such as walls and facades, and transforms them into natural structures beaming with energy and life.


Roof Scaping

Is the process of transforming any mute horizontal surface into a green turf with minimum alterations, by the use of our exclusive green roofing cube system to create a sustainable, environmentally friendly green zone that smartly utilizes any available space turning it into a beautiful fully functioning eco friendly green turf with multiple choice of the vegetation to use.


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