What is Roof Scaping?


Roof Scaping is the process of transforming any mute horizontal surface into a green turf with minimum alterations, by the use of our exclusive green roofing cube system to create a sustainable, environmentally friendly green zone that smartly utilizes any available space turning it into a beautiful fully functioning eco friendly green turf with multiple choice of the vegetation to use.


In addition to its beauty, our Roof Scaping offers a variety of other benefits:


1- Easily transforms any surface into a full green turf 


2- Suitable for multiple ground cover plants/ leafy vegetables 


3- Easy to install system 


Living Blocks Roof Scaping system?


1- Made out of durable material Grade A reinforced PP + UV material plastic


2- Eliminates leakage problems


3- Neat looking instead of bulky tables or built beds


4- Withstands high load capacities up to 200 KG/ 1 M²


5- Built-in water drainage network to store excessive water till next drainage cycle


6-  Connectors with insulation to connect whole grid for equal water sharing and drainage


7- Various irrigation methods ( Subsoil dripper system- Sprinkler system)


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