What are Living Walls?


Living Walls are the natural evolution of landscape, it smartly utilizes mute spaces such as walls and facades regardless of their size, and transforms them into natural structures beaming with energy and life.


In addition to their beauty, our Living Walls offer a variety of other benefits:


1- Better Air Quality: In addition to emitting Oxygen and disposing of Carbon Dioxide , the leaves on the walls act as a natural screen filtering the air from toxins and capturing airborne pollutants.


2- Higher Energy Efficiency: Living Walls trap a layer of air within their leaves mass which limits the transfer of heat thus reducing energy loss. They also create a shading effect and act as natural wind breakers that help maintain ambient temperatures.


3- Improved Aesthetics : Studies have shown that the presence of plants improves the mental capabilities and reduces the stress levels of individuals working in densely populated settings.


4- Lower Noise Levels: Living Walls add density to traditional walls which acts as an absorbent noise filter enabling individuals to attain higher focus levels.


5- Better Space Efficiency: In todays crammed concrete jungle we help you utilize the smallest available space to turn it into a beautiful soothing haven.


6- Vegetable Growing: Now using our living walls system you can easily grow your own vegetables and herbs organically. Not only do you enjoy the gardening experience you actually directly benefit from fresh home grown pesticide free greens.


Our Living Walls systems?


We offer a wide range of assembly mechanisms when it comes to living walls, we have multiple systems that can be quickly and conveniently applied to virtually any area with no space limitations. All of our systems can be installed with optional automatic or manual irrigation


1- Free Standing Cabinet system: This is system is basically a free standing custom made metal unit with well insulated  unit with a  lower excess collection cabinet. Available with different claddings( Metal- Wood)


2- Wall Fixed Suspended System: This system is directly fixed to existing solid walls using moisture isolative layer that completely prevents any possible leakages with a small aluminum collection basin fixed on the lower end of the wall to be either connected to drainage point or to collect excess water. 


3- Hydroponic closed circuit system: This system is an add-on that can be used on both our systems it basically has a water reservoir  connected to a pumping system that allows the re-usage of the drain water collected for water preservation.


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